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A tight roof over your head, a warm bed and a hot meal every day are a matter of course in western countries. We wish the same for the orphans and widows of the Fondation la Grande! Together with you, we are building an orphanage for male and female children/young people and a retirement home for women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo!

This is only possible with your support! How?

Support the construction monthly and ask others to contribute to the work!

Every euro helps and counts!

The costs of a house amount to around € 52, 0000.00

We can only cover this with your active donation!
Do you perhaps know someone who could support us with the construction?

Would you like more details on the cost listing?

Or are you planning a visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo – Kinshasa?

Material donations for the construction on site are always welcome!

We are happy about any interest, as well as the widows and orphans!

Contact us! We strive to be available around the clock!


Thank you very much! May God bless you abundantly!

2 Corinthians 9:7 & psalm 41:1-2

A home for orphans & Widows - We are build!

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1 und 2 stock

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