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1st African Baking Workshop

Look forward to African baking workshops with delicious African pastries.  

For Mother's Day, the culture and aid organization la Grande organized its first African baking workshop.
Even the very little ones didn't miss out and were allowed to make Mother's Day gifts. As can be seen in the photos, the big ones took part right away. A beautiful afternoon and the proceeds from this baking workshop went to the widows and orphans in Africa as usual!

Would you like to go on a culinary trip to Africa for a children's birthday party, an event or a nice activity with friends and family and do something good at the same time?

You are right with us! Proceeds from each booking go to the widows and orphans of Africa!

Contact us for a suitable offer!

Book us, do something good for the orphans and widows and spend a great African evening including music and lots of fun!


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