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Psalm 68:5-7

5Make music to God's glory, sing his name!

Make way for him who rides on the clouds:

"Lord" is his name. Cheer for him!

6An advocate for widows and a father for orphans

is God in his holy dwelling place.

7He gives a home to the lonely,

he gives freedom and happiness to the captives.


Model house of the orphanage and retirement home under construction

Our mission


Construction of orphanages for children in Africa


Construction of assisted living homes in Africa


help orphans


help widows

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Evangelist la Grande Kibadi Mbaba - Visionary, founder & managing director

Fondation la Grande supports the Sustainable Development Goals

How it all started...

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Maman Zola - the widow who is still wanted to this day

Based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the municipality of KIMBANSEKE, QUARTIER KADUDJI, the association "Fondation La Grande/MASVO" aims to house, care for, advise and accompany homeless widows, orphans and street children.

The association is based on a vision that the initiator and visionary LA GRANDE MBAMBA KIBADI had since 2012.  In 2022 the association "Fondation la Grande" Austria, cultural and aid organization la Grande in Austria was founded and recognized by the Austrian authorities.

Aim and tasks of the aid organization la Grande in Austria 

  • to collect donations (money and donations in kind) for the benefit of widows and orphans and to send them to Africa,

  • enable dialogues with globally socially conscious stakeholders,

  • to accompany and advise people of African origin (often affected or at risk of homelessness), as well as

  • through moderated events and workshops to carry out important social topics in the sense of “culture crossover”.

The starting signal for the foundation in 2020 was a widow named Maman Zola, who was found by Maman IDA MBAMBA KIYEM on July 14th, 2020 after Maman La Grande suggested that she look for a widow living on the street to do something good for her. You can see the condition of this poor widow in the following recording: (Video)

She was given cassava flour, a kilo of rice, a flashlight (to see in the dark), matches, a kilo of sugar, embers, and a sum of 40,000 FC (equivalent to US$20) for clothing and other goods of daily personal needs. This widow's recorded thanks on video was posted on social media and was well received.

This gave Maman La Grande the courage and impetus to expand such campaigns. On December 24th, 2020, the foundation was officially established and recognized by the Congolese state.

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