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5. Charity Gospel Show

On June 10, 2023, the aid organization la Grande, under God's direction, organized the 5th Charity Gospel Show for the benefit of widows and orphans in Africa. Beginning with a children's play, the story of Glody, one of our orphans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was directed by Gloria. The touching story of Glody, who had been diagnosed with diabetes since early March, touched everyone present. With encouraging words from the founder and visionary of the aid organization la Grande – evangelist La Grande Kibadi Mbamba - to make a real contribution against child poverty and unequal distribution through our donation for the building, the FOGRA Music Group got us into the mood for the rest of the evening with rhythmic tones .

Accompanied by two special acts: Sister Vanessa Mbambi and Sister Doris Dorcas, donations and dancing continued into the night. The kitchen of visionary and founder evangelist la Grande Kibadi Mbambi provided culinary delights with delicious African sweet and salty dishes.

Special joy is for the premiere of the song: "Je me rejouie" - a song specially written for widows and orphans all over the world, which was performed live by the FOGRA Music Group. Inspired by visionary and founder evangelist la Grande Kibadi Mbamba, it was realized by FoGra Music Group under the musical direction of Vanessa Mbambi.

We invite you to follow the event on Facebook and Youtube and thank the event photographer Mr. Kodoj for his impressive pictures of the 5th Charity Gospel Show on June 10, 2023 in Vienna. A big thank you also goes to all participants (online and on site) as well as everyone involved in front of and behind the stage, as well as in the front and back office! 

May God richly bless any donation that has contributed to the success of the event!

Photos/Images (C) P. Kodoj

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