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Unsere Projekte

Help orphans

A child can be fed with just €50 per month.

More about the project for the benefit of orphanshere.


Construction of the orphanage

Every widow and every orphan wants a safe home and your donation will provide these elderly widows with a looked after retirement home and the orphans with a looked after orphanage.

Find out more about this projecthere.


African cooking workshop

Have you always wanted to learn African cooking? Ideally in a group for a fixed donation for the benefit of widows and orphans in Africa! Book a moderated workshophere..


Widows help

Without a pension or children, an elderly widow has a very difficult time. She quickly ends up on the street. Details on how you can helphere.


Charity gospel events

A project by migrants, refugees and people with a migrant background to benefit widows and orphans in Africa. An event with live music, African food, a live performance by the Fogra Kids and many special acts. Details about the next eventshere...


African baking workshop

Learn African baking? Why not make a donation to help widows and orphans in Africa?  Book your African baking workshophere...

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