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Psalm 68:5-7

 "5 Sing to God, sing praises to his name! Make way for him that rides on the clouds; his name is LORD. Rejoice before him.6 God is a father to the orphans and a helper to widows in his holy dwelling place,7 a God who brings home the lonely, / who brings out the captives to prosperity;"

We introduce ourselves!

Fondation la Grande (cultural and aid organization la Grande) is an organization founded in 2021 by the visionary and founder evangelist and intercessor La Grande Mbamba with the focus on widows threatened and affected by homelessness, from 60 years, and homeless threatened and affected orphans, from 0-18 years to accommodate, look after, accompany and advise in Africa. Thanks to direct donations, partnerships from private individuals, as well as large charity gospel events and small workshops, the construction of the first supervised retirement home and the construction of the supervised orphanage for the current and future beneficiaries of the aid organization La Grande could start at the beginning of 2022.

As of March 2023, thanks to God and the partners, Fondation la Grande can count 12 orphans and 16 widows among the beneficiaries of the aid organization.

The aim is to complete the construction of the orphanage by the end of 2024 thanks to other major partners (companies, funding agencies, commissions, etc.). Has your interest been aroused? Call and to: +43 664 956 19 14. We look forward to your social commitment!

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